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Pool Party!!

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Scott Sandeman, D.V.M.
Family swimming pools offer a cool respite from summer heat.  In many households however, those that are too young or can’t swim need special attention to avoid tragedy.  Pets, especially dogs, can benefit from many of the safeguards and warning devices designed to alert us that someone or some pet has entered the pool without supervision.
 All pool owners should consider warning alarms that are activated when any people or pets enter or fall in the pool without supervision.  Remote receivers that can be worn or placed around the house like baby monitors will sound off and alert you that someone or something has fallen into the pool.  This type of warning system will also be activated if a neighbor’s pet or stray animal has entered the pool and help is needed.
For an alarm tailored to your family pet, the Safety Turtle® can be the ticket.  This device includes a wearable band-worn on the wrist for people or the collar of pets-that sounds when the wearer hits the water.  An alarm also sounds at a base station or remote locations depending on where the alarm can best be heard.
All pets should be taught how to exit the pool or have a ramp that will allow an easy exit.  Pool covers, life jackets and reliable fencing should also be considered mandatory as well.  Lastly, everyone should know the basics of CPR for both people and pets.  Contact your veterinarian for more safety summer tips! 

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