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Scott Sandeman, D.V.M.
Veterinarians and humane shelters often encounter cats that have been poorly socialized as kittens.  In some situations, the kitten was either adopted at too young an age –before 7 weeks- or wasn’t properly handled before going to their forever home. The consequences can be severe as this can result in a cat that can be aggressive to not only strangers but to their owners as well.
Proper socialization starts as early as 3 weeks of age for kittens.  At this time in their life, simply holding or handling a kitten for as little as 5 minutes a day can dramatically increase the likelihood  that as an adult, that kitten will accept and enjoy interacting with their human family.
Kittens should also be introduced to many of the things that they will experience later in life.  Other friendly dogs and cats, toddlers, kids and friends should be a part of their young life but always in a fun, non-threatening way using favored treats as rewards for good behavior.  These interactions should never result in scaring the kitten –patience, gentle interactions and the right environment are key.
For kittens that may be venturing outside sometime in their life, leash training at this age can make it a safer, more enjoyable trip for those on both end of the leash.  
Trimming nails, brushing and receiving medication can all be practiced at this age again combined with delicious treats as a reward for accommodating these activities.
Remember to start early with these techniques-kittens become much less adaptable to handling and learning to accept these lessons as they age.  Check with your veterinarian for other tips to make sure your new adoption loves you and their new home! 

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